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Nominations for the University of New Hampshire Commencement Ceremony Awards

** Honorary Degree ** Granite State Award ** Commencement Keynote Speaker **

Please read the descriptions below to determine which category to nominate an individual for the University of New Hampshire's most prestigious awards and designation at the Commencement Ceremony.

Honorary Degrees are awarded to individuals who meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • Outstanding citizens who bring honor, prestige and recognition to the state of New Hampshire.
  • Outstanding alumni of the University.
  • Outstanding living benefactors of the University whether contributions are in kind, service or otherwise.
  • Persons of national and/or international importance whose contributions have enhanced society as a whole.
  • Persons who have brought significant enrichment or benefit to particular groups.

Granite State Awards are awarded to citizens, agencies, corporations, and foundations of the State of New Hampshire whose achievements and/or extraordinary service in their own particular spheres have made significant beneficial contributions to the State.

Commencement Speaker are chosen on the basis of their ability to inspire, motivate, and provide enlightenment to graduates by sharing experiences that elicit curiosity, instill knowledge, educate, and offer wisdom to students as they enter the next phase of their lives. Speakers should meet the criteria for receiving an Honorary Degree (see above).

*Please note:

An individual may not nominate him or herself. Members of the Board of Trustees and members of the faculty and staff of the University System institutions should not, during their term of service or employment, be eligible for conferral of Honorary Degrees or Granite State Awards. Barring unusual and compelling circumstances, a reasonable interim (generally a period of not less than two years) should be allowed between retirement from service or employment and nomination of such individuals for this type of recognition.

Nomination Process (Deadline is November 15, 2016)
Nominations will be accepted through November 15, 2016 for Honorary Degrees and Granite State Awards presented at the Commencement Ceremony on May 20, 2017.

Providing detailed information for the questions below will ensure your nominee is given full consideration by the Honorary Degrees and Awards Committee and help distinguish him or her from the large pool of nominees.

Please fill out the nomination form below:
  Check Your Nominee

The University of New Hampshire awards only one Honorary Degree and Granite State Award in a recipient's lifetime.  Please refer to the list below to see if your nominee has already been a recipient.

Please click here to view all the UNH Honorary Degree, Granite State Award recipients (includes Manchester campus) and Commencement speakers since 1980 (close the list window when finished reviewing to return to the nomination form).  

If your nominee's name appears on the list as an Honorary Degree or a Granite State Award recipient, please discontinue this application process unless there are unusual circumstances warranting further consideration by the President and Board of Trustees. 

  Please choose the category to which you are submitting your nominee (Required)
Honorary Degree: nominees of national and/or international recognition.
Granite State Award: nominees of statewide recognition.
Commencement Speaker: nominees of exceptional speaking ability and experience who can inspire UNH graduates.
  Nominee First Name (Required)  
  Nominee Last Name (Required)  
  Nominee Title  
  Nominee Affiliation (Business, Organization, Academic Insititution, Book, Group. etc.)  
  If your nominee is being submitted for an Honorary Degree, please check all that apply below:
Nominee is of national or international importance.
Nominee's accomplishments have enhanced society as a whole.
Nominee’s achievements are exceptional.
Public perception of the nominee is positive.
Nominee's contributions have significantly benefited a particular group or organization.
  If your nominee is being submitted for a Granite State Award, please check all that apply below:
Nominee has provided an extraordinary service to the State of New Hampshire.
Nominee's achievements in his/her own particular sphere (business, government, agriculture, sports, art, etc.) has made a beneficial contribution to the State of New Hampshire.
  If your nominee is being submitted as a Commencement speaker, please check all that apply below:
Nominee's background and experience offers the ability to inspire, motivate, and enlighten graduates.
Nominee can elicit curiosity, instill knowledge, educate, and offer wisdom to graduates.
Nominee is an experienced and eloquent public speaker.

Based on the item(s) checked above, please provide a brief, compelling narrative of why and/or how this person has acquired this recognition.  Please include specific areas of achievement, excellence or exceptional behavior (5000 character limit):


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Please use the link below to browse the Internet to find information supporting your nominee.  Please copy and paste the Web addresses that provide the most compelling and descriptive information regarding your nominee in the space below.

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  Supporting Nominee Information  
  Please list the connection (if any) that this nominee has to the State of New Hampshire or any UNH affiliation such as; nominee grew up in New Hampshire, nominee is an alumnus/alumna, serves on a UNH executive board, is a relative of a UNH faculty member, staff or student, etc. (not required)  

Please list the following information about your nominee:
Mailing address {street, city, state, zip, country (if outside US)}
Phone Number
Email address

  Nominee Contact Information  
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  If you have any questions, please email for more information